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Today’s economy needs expertise and innovative solutions to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

PegasosAI is your provider in Data Science and Machine Learning, as well as Content Creation and Editorials.
We combine our global network with local presence. Our proven end-to-end outsourcing solutions have an excellent track record and our team has many years of experience to provide you with the right value.


Skills & Know-how

Great expertise and a deep understanding of your requirements, as well as an excellent track record in working with partners makes a big difference.

Cost Optimization

Choose between different services we offer and benefit from them. Limit your expenses at the same time and reduce or increase our involvement at any time.

Proven Quality

Our outsourcing solutions are proven and used by a wide variety of SMEs and large corporations. We also work with startups and private individuals. High standards of GxP and compliance round off our services.


Outsourcing allows you to try out new ideas and proof of concepts at any time. Start new projects easily and finish them just as quickly.


Support at any hour

Engage our experienced agents at any time, we are available 24/7 for you.

High transparency in our processes, absolute data security, anonymity and constant communication via Austrian and German project managers complete our communication.

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Content Creation

Preparing informative, yet easy-to-understand content in a wealth of technically complex issues? Our team addresses all issues regarding supply chain, biotechnology, healthcare, science, engineering, manufacturing and technology such as data science.

Data Science

PegasosAI supports companies in work like data cleaning, data inspection, implementation of models and algorithms, etc. In areas like NLP, Computer Vision, generative Deep Learning, and many more we are the suitable partners. So you can focus again on what is really important!


Proven Outsourcing Strategy

Our outsourcing is used by various small and medium-sized companies as well as corporations. PegasosAI can help you to focus on your core strategies again by taking over tasks around – on the one hand Data Science and Deep Learning, and on the other hand Content Creation and Editorials. Outsourcing work and tasks has never been easier!

We assist with the challenges posed by Deep Learning disruption and the constant demand for highly skilled personnel to develop new products. At PegasosAI, we live what we preach by taking full responsibility for our services.

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